5 Ways to Support the Hemp Movement:

Art Credit: haveasib.com

1. Wear Hemp

One of the most intriguing properties of hemp fabric is it’s unique quality of both killing and reducing the spread of bacteria. This has led to a U.S. company developing clothes for hospitals to replace cotton, hoping to combat the 90,000 annual deaths caused by infection.

Did you know?

Both Calvin Klein and Versace have made catwalk garments out of hemp.

Browse a huge range of hemp clothing stores online (including ours!)

2. Use Hemp Building Materials.

Hemp is also beginning to be used in the building industry across a wide range of uses from floors to walls. It has a very desirable property of being carbon-negative as well being easier to work with than standard concrete.

Did you know?

There is a 300 year old “hempcrete” house in Japan.

Hempcrete Shower from hempbuilder.com

3. Write on Hemp Paper.

Another ancient use of Hemp which has recently returned to the mainstream is hemp-paper. There’s evidence of hemp paper use dating back 2,000 years. As well as being tougher, hemp paper is a far more quickly renewable and sustainable source of pulp for paper.

Did you know?

One acre of hemp (grown in a single season) produces as much paper as up to 4 acres of trees (..which take a lot longer to grow)!

Hemp Paper from EcoChoices.com

4. Eat Hemp.

Hemp seeds are edible and packed with nutritional goodness. They are very high in protein (25%) and are a great source of iron, calcium and omega-3 which means they are ideal snacking food. The oil contained in the seed is a great alternative to olive oil, working well in salad dressings.

Did you know?

A glass of hemp milk is lower in fat than dairy but higher in vitamins and omega-3. It also contains a mighty 4g of protein.

Tomato with Brown Rice and Hemp Seeds Salad from veganann.com

5. Follow & Support Hemp Fuel.

Of all the recent potential biofuels which have been looked into, hemp has been successfully used for many years and is environmentally friendlier to produce. It can grow in practically any temperate to hot climate and it leaves the ground in better condition than when it was planted.

Did you know?

Hemp oil can be used as fuel, unmodified, in any diesel engine

 More info on hemp fuel here www.mycm.ca

More info on hemp fuel here www.mycm.ca