Hemp Seed / Grain

The Most Nutritious Seed on The Planet?

Yes. Thanks to the seeds high protein content and rich oil, it’s fast becoming a staple and popular super-food.

The hemp seed consists of three parts: the ‘epidermis’ (or testa), the ‘almond’ (the embryo) and the ‘pericarp’ (which envelops the almond). The seeds are produced at the base of the female flower.

Hemp Seeds Packed With Power:

0% Proteins
0% Lipids
0% Carbohydrates
0% Fibers

Delicious In So Many Ways..

Devour the whole seed for maximum nutrition (and maximum crunch!). Added as toppings to salads, soft ‘hemp hearts’ found within the fibrous outer shell add a unique nutty quality to your dish. Add a splash of hemp oil to most dishes and benefit from the rich amino acids within.

Nutritional Properties

The oil extracted from hemp seeds contains about 90% unsaturated fatty acids. Rich in omega-3 (alpha linolenic acid), it has an Omega-6 / Omega-3 ratio (3: 1) considered ideal by nutritionists. In addition to this, it contains rare fatty acids (such as GLA and SDA) and vitamin E. Proteins represent 25% of the whole seed and 32% of seed, and consist of 18 amino acids, 9 essential amino acids (not produced by our body).

Highly digestible, hemp seeds can be part of gluten-free diets. Dietary fibers, which are also very present, promote intestinal transit and are mainly found in the epidermis of the seed.