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Women Purple Hemp T-Shirt

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  • 100% organic Hemp and Cotton (55% Hemp, 45%Cotton)
  • Dyed naturally with organic plants
  • Method of dyeing by cold fermentation, 3 weeks of steeping in water with plants, all waters are then filtered naturally for the garden
  • Zero chemical product used in the process.
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The colors Malva we make with Shellac, Shellac is extracted from Sticklac. Sticklac is a resinous secretion of the lac insect deposited on trees.

Lac Extract – is a red dye extract from the scale insect Laccifer lacca which is found throughout India, South East Asia, Nepal, Burma, Bhutan and South China. It is found both in the wild and is cultivated. The female lac insects invade host trees (mainly fig and acacia) and the insect secretes a resin that contains the red dye. This is known as stick lac. The resin is also used to make shellac. The dye must be extracted from the resin before it can be used to color cloth.

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