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Sewing Seeds

After a full year of studying in an agricultural school we’ve just leased our first 12 acre plot. By the end of the year we aim to be cultivating and exploring our own hemp agriculture in order to transform it ourselves into the many products that this plant can offer to humanity.

Let’s leave this place in better shape than we found it.

Our goal is to produce our own fibers to transform into thread for our T-Shirts. We want to be able to control each and every process from seed to T-shirt, on our land here in southwest coast of France.

We’re setting up farmland to produce t-shirts made 100% by us with our philosophy, in an organic and conscious way in harmony with the values that the great Oceans have taught us.


After an incredibly dry summer here in the South West of France, the hemp plants have pushed on anyway. The crop has grown strong and healthy. Some more than others!

Our Never Ending Goal..

Our never ending goal is to nourish health, our children’s health, our health and mother nature’s health. Leave this place in a better shape than the one we got it in.

We thank you for your precious help on that journey, we’re in this together … we are …. YOU :)

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