Hemp: Food & Nutritional Uses

Hemp Seeds or Hemp Hears

Hemp seed, also known as htemp hearts form the basis of many parts of hemp food options. These multiple variations are achieved through different transformation processes. The nutritional properties of each are varied.

The Whole Seed:

his is the raw form. Thanks to its hull that protects it it keeps very well (up to 1 year). It is consumed mainly by crunching it. For an aperitif or to taste for example

Qualitatively, its proteins are close to those of meat, fish … but without cholesterol, nor trans fatty acids. It also approximates that of soy, but being more digestible (less difficult to digest)

Nutritional Properties

  • 590 calories per 100 grams
  • 22 to 25% protein, with the 8 essential amino acids.
  • 25 to 34% carbohydrates
  • 30 to 34% lipids
  • 35% fiber, including 3% soluble, which helps lower blood cholesterol levels, and slows down the absorption of glucose in the blood

The seed

Removed from the shell the seed reveals two small almonds, a blond color and soft and soft texture.
In this form it is more perishable and more fragile.
You can eat them as is (with the spoon), sprinkle a little in all the dishes (salads, on the top of a cream of vegetables at the time of serving …), slip them in bread pasta ..
As they no longer have their small hulls, their nutrient intake changes: the fibers are mainly present in the hull, their portion decreases (as well as the carbohydrates), but its intakes of proteins, and of essential fatty acids are clearly Increased:
Nutritional Properties

  • 35% protein (always with the 8 essential amino acids)
  • 47% lipids (essentially essential fatty acids)
  • 12% carbohydrate
  • 6% fiber

Hemp Oil

It can be consumed by absolutely all profiles, at any age, by all sexes, regardless of the habits of consumption.
Of a pretty green color, quite dark, it is extracted from the seeds which are passed in worm presses (at slow speed). Its yield (for oil) is very low.
It has a very particular and very pronounced taste.
It will not be used for cooking (its smoked point is very low: 165 ° C), but for seasonings (salads), or on hot dishes, but after cooking: pour a stream of oil on The dish, just before serving (and tasting).
It goes well with all green vegetables, cereals, salads.

Nutritional Properties:Hemp oil has absolutely fantastic nutritional properties. At the level of fatty acids, it is composed of:

  • 10% saturated
  • 13% of mono-unsaturated (omega 9) between 75% and 90% of polyunsaturated fatty acids, also called “essential” (omega 6, and omega 3)


Hemp flour is obtained by grinding whole seeds.
The powder obtained in addition to the oil is crushed, sieved to retain only the pulp.
Pretty dark golden color, pulling on khaki: everything depends on the light, and angle of view.
It is less aerial than cereal flours.
In small quantities (5 to 15%), it can be added in bread, cakes (gingerbread types), pie shells, pancake paste, biscuits …
Nutritional Properties

  • Gluten-free, hemp flour brings:
  • 395 calories (to 100 grams)
  • 27.9% protein
  • 50.7% carbohydrates
  • 8.9% lipids


Hemp butter is made from shelled seeds, which are mixed until a butter is obtained.
This puree is richer in protein than other oilseed purees, and is therefore interesting for sportsmen, vegetarians, and pregnant women.

Nutritional Properties

  • 100 grams of puree bring:
  • 460 calories
  • 20 gr of protein
  • 43 gr of lipids (the majority of which are essential fatty acids)
  • 31 gr of carbohydrates


Made from shelled seeds, it is the most protein rich plant milk.
The fact that its proteins are complete and that it is more digestible than soya, makes it even more interesting.
It is also the vegetable milk richest in essential fatty acids.
These two qualities make it a unique plant milk, of remarkable quality.
It can be used in muesli, granola, porridge, or morning cereals.
It is often integrated to boost the nutritional value of smoothies.

Other uses of hemp in the diet.

In the second transformation:
Pasta, Chocolate, energy bar …
And drinks
Hemp lemonade
Hemp beer
Hemp Syrup
Hemp tea